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Gifted and Talented 

Application Process

Gifted &Talented: Handbooks and Request for Testing

Pre-K and elementary schools / Event: October 26

Your school will receive copies of the Gifted & Talented (G&T) Handbook, which guides families through the assessment and admissions process for G&T programs for the 2017–18 school year, by October 19. Your school will also receive printed, translated copies of the G&T Handbook by October 26. Once you receive your shipment of G&T Handbooks, please distribute them to families of pre-K through second-grade students.

The G&T Request for Testing (RFT) period will open on October 11; the deadline for submission is November 14. Families can submit the RFT on paper at their school, at aFamily Welcome Center, or online.

Gifted &Talented: Additional Information

Please visit this page on the DOE website to view their G&T admissions Calendar

Applications: The Department of Education will notify you of your child's test result. If your child achieves a total percentile score in the 90th percentile or higher, then the Department of Education will send you an letter listing your local school district's G&T programs and schools, you will rank your choices and return it to the Department of Education. If your child achieves a total percentile score in the 97th percentile or higher, then the letter the Department of Education sends you will include all district's G&T programs and all the city-wide programs including the STEM program at PS85Q.  You will rank all your choices, district and city-wide, in your order of preference and return it to the Department of Education. Please rank only the schools to which you would actually send your child! You are not penalized in any way for ranking one school above another.

Transportation is available to students in accordance with the eligibility guidelines of the OPT

Please Note: Admission to a gifted and talented program or school does not guarantee a student yellow bus transportation. Eligibility for yellow bus transportation for general education students attending gifted and talented schools and programs is based on the same criteria that apply to public school general education students as indicated above. Students attending a citywide gifted and talented school  are eligible for busing if they live in the same borough, and the route, as measured by bus stops, is no longer than five miles.

Please visit the Office of Pupil Transportation by clicking here.

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