The Judge Charles J. Vallone School

Gifted and Talented eligibility and score reports will be available by April 27, 2020. Gifted and Talented applications are due by May 13, 2020.  To find out more information go to your My Schools account         .

Your letter includes your child's G&T results, which may include an offer, as well as any information about waitlists and next steps.

  • If your child received an offer, they have also been added automatically to the waitlist of any program that you placed higher on the application than the program where they received an offer.
  • If your child did not receive an offer, they have been added automatically to the waitlists of all programs on their application.

If you get an offer from the waitlist, contact the program directly to set up a time to register. Please refer to the Gifted and Talented Admissions Guide         for further information.

Gifted and Talented Enrollment