The Judge Charles J. Vallone School

Pre Kindergarten Admissions

PS85Q offers a full-day, high-quality pre-K, teachers are sparking wonder and igniting learning in our children. Pre-K for All gives children stronger math and reading skills in elementary school…and a better chance at success in life. 

For the 2020 - 2021 school year we will  have two Pre-K classes: one general education class and one ICT class. 

Our school partners with Parent Corps NYU Langone Health which is a family-centered intervention that aims to help parents and early childhood teachers create environments in which children thrive.

ParentCorps includes three components to help teachers and parents create environments that are safe, predictable, and nurturing for children:

  • a 14-week social–emotional learning curriculum implemented by classroom teachers in all pre-K classrooms
  • a 14-week parenting program for all families of pre-K students facilitated by school-based mental health professionals
  • For more information, about Pre-Kindergarten            and be directed to the NYC DOE Pre-Kindergarten website.